The Komet Twin big volume raingun is the result of decades of research, development and innovation in irrigation products. The unique operational advantages, combined with high quality manufacturing standards make the Twin one of the finest big volume guns available.

The Komet Twin rainguns have a unique drive system which allows a much better stream diffusion over the whole pressure range.

Vari-Angle models give an improved uniformity in windy conditions. Fixed angle also available.

  • Heavy duty, versatile construction
  • Self-adjusting drive system
  • Choice of rotation speeds
  • Excellent performance
  • Different Trajectory Angles
  • Dynamic intermittent jet-breaker optimise distribution profile of the raingun
  • Maintenance free

Dynamic Intermittent Jet-Breakers:

  • Influences the distribution profile and it is possible to adapt it for different applications at all pressures
  • Increase the stream diffusion and provides a gentler droplet size thus reducing crop damage
  • The throw radius will be slightly reduced when using a jet-breaker
  • One, or occasionally two, jet-breaker(s) can be mounted on the drive arm

Technical Data:

Raingun Model







Nozzle sizes


Vari-Angle Trajectory Fixed Angle Trajectory Buy Online
Twin Ultra 101 8-55 26-54 2-6.5 12-28 15°-45° 24°
Twin Ultra 140 14-90 28-63 2-7 16-34 15°-45° 24°
Twin Ultra 160 26-120 40-69 3-7 18-38 15°-45° 24°
Twin Ultra 202 26-159 40-71 3-7 22-45 15°-45° 24°