Diesel Pump Unit powered by JCB Dieselmax 444 Engine (125 Hp) with lockable engine protection canopy, stainless steel warmth exchanger on pump suction, manual priming pump, no-flow switch, butterfly valve, high-rise gooseneck delivery and Idromop digital control panel with integral throttle controller. Automatic priming with GSM to save time


MOP 213 Standard UK Specification:

  • JCB444 Dieselmax 4-cylinder turbo-charged after-cooled engine, rated 125 Hp (93 kW)
  • Emission certification EPA TII, EU St2
  • Engine intercooler
  • 3-stage horizontal, end suction multi-stage centrifugal pump flanged coupled direct to the engine (model F3P-125-175/A3)
  • Heavy duty bunded tank chassis (1,000 litre capacity) with two-wheels, front and rear adjustable support jacks and removable drawbar for security
  • Twin fuel hubs (left and right hand side) and fuel level gauge
  • Stainless Steel Warmth Exchanger system on pump suction (no need for radiator/fan cooling system), subsequently saving fuel and oil and reducing noise pollution, terminating with Bauer coupler
  • Integral no-flow switch mounted in suction inlet
  • Exhaust mounted on top of pump unit (noise output 89dB @ 1 metre)
  • Exhaust priming system
  • Lockable protection guards on both sides of engine
  • Idromop digital engine/pump control panel with integral throttle controller which automatically adjusts engine RPM depending on flow rates required
  • Butterfly valve and high rise gooseneck delivery terminating with Bauer female coupler
  • Battery with cover
  • Inspection lamp
  • Fully guarded to CE standards and CE plated
  • Painted green

Standard UK Specification:

Javelin now has automatic priming and GSM on our MOP 207 pump unit which means you can prime and set the diesel engine pump unit off directly from your mobile phone.

Pump Specifications:

Model Engine Type Engine Spec. Continuous Power Rating KW (HP)/rpm Fuel Consumption g//kWh Engine Displacement Litres
MOP 213 JCB444 93KW (125HP) 1400 205 4.4
1600 208 4.4
Pump Model Engine RPM Flow (l/min) Flow (m³/hr) Pressure (m/hd) Absorbed Power (KW) Pump Efficiency Approx Fuel Used (l/hr)
F3AP 125-175-A3 1520 2166 130 129 58.2 78% 14.4
1520 2666 160 117.9 64.5 80% 16

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