Murphy products that monitor and control compressors, pumps, generators, and more. Equipment for control systems to monitor pressure, temperature, liquid level, over-speed, time and vibration. From simple start/stop operation to sophisticated automation systems incorporating micro-controllers and remote communications.

Pressure, Temperature Switchgauges & Accessories

Description Murphy part no Our part no Buy Online
0-300 psi Switch gauge 4  1/2″ OPLFC EPM300020
Wall Bracket for OPLFC MM324 EP301800  Call to Order
0-300 psi Switchgauge OPLC-DPCO EPM600040
0-100 psi Switchgauge 2″ 20P EPM300010
0-200 psi Switchgauge 2″ 20PHLK EPM300030
0-300 psi Switchgauge 2″ 20PHLK EPM300040
0-14 Bar Switchgauge 2 1/2″ A25PHLK EPM300050
Water/Oil Temperature gauge 20T EPM400010
Pulsation Dampener PD8183 EPM600080
Throttle Controller AT03069 EPM5600030

Engine Shut-Down

Description Murphy Part No. Our Part No. Buy Online
Rack Puller 12v RP75 EPM600010
Rack Puller cable 40.01.0034 EPM600070
RP Solenoid 12v DC RP2309B EPM600017
Fuel Solenoid 12v SV12 EPM600020
Fuel Solenoid 24v SV24 EPM600025
Replacement Coil EPM600060 Call to Order

Murphy Movement Timers

Description Murphy Part No Our Part No Buy Online
15 Minute Timer 15TM EPM500030
Hour Run Counter TM4594 EPM500040

Magnetic Switches

Description Murphy Part no Our Part No Buy Online
12v Tattletale Relay 518APH EPM600050
24v Tattletale Relay 518APH EPM600055
Tattletale Relay MS2110 EPM600058

Murphy Sensors and Senders

Description Murphy Part no. Our Part No. Buy Online
Magnetic Pick-Up Sensor MP3298 EPM800000
Engine Oil Pressure Sender ES2P100 EPM300060
Engine Temperature Sender ES2TZ EPM400020