Irrifrance manufacture hose reels that are suitable for all terrains, all crops and all sizes of farm.

A subtle amalgam of design specification and irrigation efficiency ensures that these proven, user friendly machines enjoy a leading market share worldwide.

The incorporation of advanced Irridoseur and Irricontrol computers into machines of superior build provides an unequalled level of control in the distribution of water. This combination provides economic and environmental benefits together with years of trouble free service.

With updated design to make the machine more hydraulically efficient and new motorised butterfly valve control instead of the electro-valves which allows the use of dirtier water to be used without blocking them

Standard UK specification:

  • Irricontrol or Irridoseur electronic controller
  • Solar panel and rechargeable dry cell battery
  • Polyethylene Pipe with two year guarantee
  • Double axle (adjustable wheel centres 1.8 to 2.25 metres)
  • 14-ply tyres 11.5 x 0.8 x 15.3
  • Two speed gearbox
  • Hydraulic turntable, stabiliser legs and front jack
  • Galvanised chassis and turret
  • Galvanised 3-position articulated 2000 series trolley adjustable wheel spacing and cast-iron wheel weights
  • Trolley lifting is combined with the lifting of the hydraulic stabiliser legs
  • Offset trolley beam
  • Trolley guide kit
  • Automatic drum brake
  • Automatic trolley hooking
  • Twin inlet feed pipe
  • PTO rewind facility
  • Conical inlet filter
  • Komet Twin 140/Plus vari-angle Raingun c/w nozzles
  • Connection hose 6 metre x 5” FMLD male coupler
  • Speed compensation (electronic)
  • Automatic slow shut-down
  • Automatic shut-down in the event of low pressure/burst pipe
  • CE Marked

Optional extras:

  • Rear unwinding kit to be used with trolley above
  • Hydraulic anchorage for standard raingun trolley
  • 3-point linkage trolley hooking system
  • Discharge valve
  • Pressure transducer kit for Irridoseur computer
  • GSM control for Irridoseur computer