Premium quality, high pressure layflat hose for compressed air/irrigation and sludge injection applications.

Best selling special variant used by contractors for sludge/slurry injection or surface spreading.

Supplied in coils of up to 200 metres, other variations of Oroflex layflat are available.


  • Colour
    Yellow Nitrile rubber and liner.
  • Temperature
    -25˚C to +80˚C intermittently to 100˚C
  • Specification
    Fully complies to BS 6391
    Supplied in coils of up to 200 meter
  • Cover
    Nitrile rubber
  • Lining
    Nitrile rubber
  • Reinforcement
    High tensile circular woven polyester/polyamide jacket
  • Application
    Air, water, sludge/slurry, drag hoses. Compressed air breaker hoses. Used as a by-pass on temporary lines discharging hydrocarbons with an aromatic content not exceeding 40%
  • Special Features
    Non-conductive. Can be used with repair sleeves for extra long service life