Automatic water system providing an even and controlled distribution. Travels along ordinary 1/2″ garden hose. Works from garden tap


• Covers a range up to approximately 30-35 metres
• Wetted diameter up to 10 metres (35 ft)
• Travel Speed up to 12 metres/ hour (depending on the angle of spray nozzles)
• Automatic shut-off at end of run
• Even distribution of 9 litres/minute
• Working Pressure: 2 – 3 psi (0.13 – 0.21 bar)
• Ideal for use with ½” Tricoflex hose 

Versatile and Practical:

• The Water Tractor moves by itself following the hose up and down slopes and around curves over a distance of up to approximately 35 metres
• With the hose attached to the Water Tractor and starting at the furthest point from the tap, the hose is layed out using large curves, not tight bends
• The Water Tractor front guide wheels are then positioned on the hose pointing towards the tap, leaving the trailing hose looped behind the rear wheels