The Komet Trigon guns are designed specifically for waste water application. Featuring a free flow passage to prevent clogging of liquids containing suspended particles.

The most common applications for the Trigon include waste water systems, effluent waters from food processing plants, treated manure and many other. It is also salt water resistant.

Leach Mining

The Trigon 112 is the only big volume raingun for efficient leach mining.

Materials and components have been carefully selected in order to withstand the corrosive media used.

It allows to safely leach side slopes of heaps otherwise accessible, maximum the result of the leach process. On flat leach terrain, the use of the Trigon raingun reduces labour.

Technical Data:

Raingun Model







Nozzle sizes


Vari-Angle Trajectory Fixed Angle Trajectory
Trigon 105 8-54 22-52 2-6 12-24 10°-26° 24°
Trigon 112 8-54 22-52 2-6 12-24 10°-26° 24°