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Rainguns and Sprinklers

Agricultural Rainguns Placeholder

Agricultural Rainguns

Description: The Komet Twin big volume raingun is the result of decades of research, development and innovation in irrigation products. The unique operational advantages, combined with high quality manufacturing standards make the Twin one of the finest big volume guns available. The Komet Twin rainguns have a unique drive system which allows a much better…

Dust Suppression Rainguns Placeholder

Dust Suppression Rainguns

Description: Komet Hydrojet dust suppression rainguns have been specifically designed to provide immediate and efficient dampening/wetting of large areas with minimal water application rates. The high frequency drive mechanism provides a fine water curtain and gives excellent water distribution, thus avoiding erosion and run off. Easy to use, maintenance free, self-adjusting raingun Heavy duty construction from…

Slurry and Waste Water Rainguns Placeholder

Slurry and Waste Water Rainguns

Description: The Komet Trigon guns are designed specifically for waste water application. Featuring a free flow passage to prevent clogging of liquids containing suspended particles. The most common applications for the Trigon include waste water systems, effluent waters from food processing plants, treated manure and many other. It is also salt water resistant. Leach Mining The…

Sprinklers and Accessories Placeholder

Sprinklers and Accessories

A range of low to medium volume impact sprinklers, supplied as part circle or full circle models. Various materials of construction ranging from plastic to brass. Accessories available including extra nozzles, jet-breakers, stands etc.

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