Komet Hydrojet dust suppression rainguns have been specifically designed to provide immediate and efficient dampening/wetting of large areas with minimal water application rates.

The high frequency drive mechanism provides a fine water curtain and gives excellent water distribution, thus avoiding erosion and run off.

  • Easy to use, maintenance free, self-adjusting raingun
  • Heavy duty construction from materials including aluminium alloy body, stainless steel brake disc, shafts, bolts and springs, also high grade UV resistant polymer components
  • High frequency drive mechanism provides a fine after curtain
  • Rotation speedy remains constant with all pressure and nozzle combinations

Dust Suppression – Corrosion Protected

Hydrojet AP-CP models have a corrosive protection which allows for the use of more aggressive industrial liquids. Please contact us for details.

Technical Data:

Raingun Model







Nozzle sizes


Vari-Angle Trajectory Fixed Angle Trajectory
Twin Ultra 101 8-55 26-54 2-6.5 12-28 15°-45° 24°
Twin Ultra 140 14-90 28-63 2-7 16-34 15°-45° 24°
Twin Ultra 160 26-120 40-69 3-7 18-38 15°-45° 24°
Twin Ultra 202 26-159 40-71 3-7 22-45 15°-45° 24°